Controlling the viewerΒΆ

The viewer in Natron Python A.P.I can be controlled much like any other nodes:


Parameters in the Viewer interface inherit the Param class and can be retrieved by their script-name


You can then control the player, the displayed channels, the current view, the current compositing operator, which are the input A and B, the frame-range, the proxy level and various other stuff with the parameters.

In GUI mode only, you can access the last viewer that was interacted with by the user:

viewerNode = app1.getActiveViewer()

You can redraw a viewer or re-render the viewer texture by calling the following functions:

# Refresh the viewer texture. This causes a re-evaluation of the node-graph.
# If the second boolean parameter is set to True, the render will not attempt
# to retrieve a texture from the cache if there is any.
app1.refreshViewer(viewerNode, False)

# Just redraws the OpenGL viewer. The internal texture displayed will not be
# re-evaluated.