ColorWheel node


This documentation is for version 1.0 of ColorWheel.


Generate an image with a color wheel.

The color wheel occupies the full area, minus a one-pixel black and transparent border

See also:,_CheckerBoard,_ColorBars,_ColorWheel


Input Description Optional
Source   Yes


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Extent / extent Choice Default
Extent (size and offset) of the output.
Format: Use a pre-defined image format.
Size: Use a specific extent (size and offset).
Project: Use the project extent (size and offset).
Default: Use the default extent (e.g. the source clip extent, if connected).
Center / recenter Button   Centers the region of definition to the input region of definition. If there is no input, then the region of definition is centered to the project window.
Reformat / reformat Boolean Off Set the output format to the given extent, except if the Bottom Left or Size parameters is animated.
Format / NatronParamFormatChoice Choice HD 1920x1080 The output format
Bottom Left / bottomLeft Double x: 0 y: 0 Coordinates of the bottom left corner of the size rectangle.
Size / size Double w: 1 h: 1 Width and height of the size rectangle.
Interactive Update / interactive Boolean Off If checked, update the parameter values during interaction with the image viewer, else update the values when pen is released.
Frame Range / frameRange Integer min: 1 max: 1 Time domain.
Output Components / outputComponents Choice RGBA Components in the output
Center Saturation / centerSaturation Double 0 Sets the HSV saturation level in the center of the color wheel.
Edge Saturation / edgeSaturation Double 1 Sets the HSV saturation level at the edges of the color wheel.
Center Value / centerValue Double 1 Sets the HSV value level in the center of the color wheel.
Edge Value / edgeValue Double 1 Sets the HSV value level at the edges of the color wheel.
Gamma / gamma Double 0.45 Sets the overall gamma level of the color wheel.
Rotate / rotate Double 0 Sets the amount of rotation to apply to color position in the color wheel. Negative values produce clockwise rotation and vice-versa.