Crop node


This documentation is for version 1.0 of Crop.


Removes everything outside the defined rectangle and optionally adds black edges so everything outside is black.

If the ‘Extent’ parameter is set to ‘Format’, and ‘Reformat’ is checked, the output pixel aspect ratio is also set to this of the format.

This plugin does not concatenate transforms.


Input Description Optional
Source   No


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Extent / extent Choice Size
Extent (size and offset) of the output.
Format: Use a pre-defined image format.
Size: Use a specific extent (size and offset).
Project: Use the project extent (size and offset).
Default: Use the default extent (e.g. the source clip extent, if connected).
Center / recenter Button   Centers the region of definition to the input region of definition. If there is no input, then the region of definition is centered to the project window.
Format / NatronParamFormatChoice Choice HD 1920x1080 The output format
Bottom Left / bottomLeft Double x: 0 y: 0 Coordinates of the bottom left corner of the size rectangle.
Size / size Double w: 1 h: 1 Width and height of the size rectangle.
Interactive Update / interactive Boolean Off If checked, update the parameter values during interaction with the image viewer, else update the values when pen is released.
Frame Range / frameRange Integer min: 1 max: 1 Time domain.
Softness / softness Double 0 Size of the fade to black around edges to apply.
Reformat / reformat Boolean Off Translates the bottom left corner of the crop rectangle to be in (0,0). This sets the output format only if ‘Format’ or ‘Project’ is selected as the output Extend. In order to actually change the format of this image stream for other Extent choices, feed the output of this node to a either a NoOp node which sets the proper format, or a Reformat node with the same extent and with ‘Resize Type’ set to None and ‘Center’ unchecked. The reason is that the Crop size may be animated, but the output format can not be animated.
Intersect / intersect Boolean Off Intersects the crop rectangle with the input region of definition instead of extending it.
Black Outside / blackOutside Boolean Off Add 1 black and transparent pixel to the region of definition so that all the area outside the crop rectangle is black.