Using the toolbar

Each icon in the toolbar is a menu giving access to different categories of nodes (ie. image processing tools) that Natron offers to process or create images.

If you click on a tool, the corresponding node will be added to the node graph


If a node is selected in the graph, the new node will be inserted below the selected one. It will be processed right after the selected one.

Image tools

The nodes to bring images in and out of Natron, plus a few utility nodes.

See the Image nodes section

Draw tools

The nodes to create basic shapes.

Time tools

The nodes to change the timing of your clips.

Channels tools

The nodes to changes the order of your image channels (basic channels are RGBA for Red Green Blue Alpha but others can be added).

Colors tools

Mainly color correction nodes.

Filter tools

Nodes to change the texture of the image (blur or sharpen for example).

Merge tools

Nodes with multiple inputs that can merge multiple images into one composite image.

Transform tools

Nodes to change the geometry of the images.

Views tools

Nodes to manage stereo images that considered as different views (left and right).

Other tools

Mainly utility nodes to keep the node graph clean and readable.


Other entrys in the toolbar can be added with plugins / scripts. So your Natron installation may have other Tool icons (community plugins,…)