About G’MIC node

This documentation is for version 0.3 of About G’MIC.


( GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing )is proposed to you by

David Tschumperle: https://tschumperle.users.greyc.fr/

Sebastien Fourey: https://foureys.users.greyc.fr/

( IMAGE Team / GREYC Laboratory - CNRS UMR 6072 ): https://www.greyc.fr/node/36

This plug-in is based on our open-source libraries G’MIC and CImg (C++ Template Image Processing Library),

available at:




If you appreciate G’MIC, you are welcome to send us a nice postcard from your place, at:

David Tschumperle, Laboratoire GREYC (CNRS UMR 6072), Equipe Image,

6 Bd du Marechal Juin, 14050 Caen Cedex / France.

Postcards senders automatically enter the Friends Hall of Fame :) !

Wrapper for the G’MIC framework (http://gmic.eu) written by Tobias Fleischer (http://www.reduxfx.com).


Input Description Optional
Input   No


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Output Layer / Output_Layer Choice Layer 0

Layer 0
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 4
Layer 5
Layer 6
Layer 7
Layer 8
Layer 9
Resize Mode / Resize_Mode Choice Dynamic

Fixed (Inplace)
Downsample 1/2
Downsample 1/4
Downsample 1/8
Downsample 1/16
Ignore Alpha / Ignore_Alpha Boolean Off  
Log Verbosity / Log_Verbosity Choice Off

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3