LayerContactSheet node

This documentation is for version 1.0 of LayerContactSheet (net.sf.openfx.LayerContactSheetOFX).


Make a contact sheet from all layers.


Input Description Optional
Source   No


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Resolution / resolution Integer x: 3072 y: 2048 Resolution of the output image, in pixels.
Rows/Columns / rowsColumns Integer x: 3 y: 4 How many rows and columns in the grid where the input images or frames are arranged.
Automatic Rows/Columns / autoDims Boolean On Automatically sets the number of rows/columns to display all layers.
Gap / gap Integer 0 Gap in pixels around each input or frame.
Center / center Boolean Off Center each input/frame within its cell.
Row Order / rowOrder Choice TopBottom
How image rows are populated.
TopBottom (topbottom): From top to bottom row.
BottomTop (bottomtop): From bottom to top row.
Column Order / colOrder Choice LeftRight
How image columns are populated.
LeftRight (leftright): From left to right column.
RightLeft (rightleft): From right to left column.
Show Layer Names / showLayerNames Boolean Off Display the layer name in the bottom left of each frame.