AppendClip node

This documentation is for version 1.0 of AppendClip (net.sf.openfx.AppendClip).


Append one clip to another.

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Input Description Optional
1   Yes
2   Yes
3   Yes
4   Yes


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Fade In / fadeIn Integer 0 Number of frames to fade in from black at the beginning of the first clip.
Fade Out / fadeOut Integer 0 Number of frames to fade out to black at the end of the last clip.
Cross Dissolve / crossDissolve Integer 0 Number of frames to cross-dissolve between clips.
First Frame / firstFrame Integer 1 Frame to start the first clip at.
Last Frame / lastFrame Integer 0 Last frame of the assembled clip (read-only).
Update / updateLastFrame Button   Update lastFrame.