NoOp node


This documentation is for version 2.0 of NoOp (net.sf.openfx.NoOpPlugin).


Copies the input to the output.

This effect does not modify the actual content of the image, but can be used to modify the metadata associated with the clip (premultiplication, field order, format, pixel aspect ratio, frame rate).

This plugin concatenates transforms.


Input Description Optional
Source   No


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Force Copy / forceCopy Boolean Off Force copy from input to output
Supports Tiles / supportsTiles Boolean On Does the plugin support image tiling, i.e. rendering only a subset of the full region of definition? Only supported on OpenFX 1.4 hosts.
Set Premultiplication / setPremult Boolean Off Set the premultiplication state of the output clip, without modifying the raw content. Use the Premult or UnPremult plu-gins to affect the content.
Output Premultiplication / outputPremult Choice PreMultiplied
Premultiplication state of the output clip.
Set Format / setFormat Boolean Off Set the format of the output clip, without modifying the raw content.
Extent / extent Choice Format
Extent (size and offset) of the output.
Format (format): Use a pre-defined image format.
Size (size): Use a specific extent (size and offset).
Project (project): Use the project extent (size and offset).
Center / recenter Button   Centers the region of definition to the input region of definition. If there is no input, then the region of definition is centered to the project window.
Format / NatronParamFormatChoice Choice HD 1920x1080
The output format
PC_Video 640x480 (PC_Video)
NTSC 720x486 0.91 (NTSC)
PAL 720x576 1.09 (PAL)
NTSC_16:9 720x486 1.21 (NTSC_16:9)
PAL_16:9 720x576 1.46 (PAL_16:9)
HD_720 1280x720 (HD_720)
HD 1920x1080 (HD)
UHD_4K 3840x2160 (UHD_4K)
1K_Super_35(full-ap) 1024x778 (1K_Super_35(full-ap))
1K_Cinemascope 914x778 2.00 (1K_Cinemascope)
2K_Super_35(full-ap) 2048x1556 (2K_Super_35(full-ap))
2K_Cinemascope 1828x1556 2.00 (2K_Cinemascope)
2K_DCP 2048x1080 (2K_DCP)
4K_Super_35(full-ap) 4096x3112 (4K_Super_35(full-ap))
4K_Cinemascope 3656x3112 2.00 (4K_Cinemascope)
4K_DCP 4096x2160 (4K_DCP)
square_256 256x256 (square_256)
square_512 512x512 (square_512)
square_1K 1024x1024 (square_1K)
square_2K 2048x2048 (square_2K)
Bottom Left / bottomLeft Double x: 0 y: 0 Coordinates of the bottom left corner of the size rectangle.
Size / size Double w: 1 h: 1 Width and height of the size rectangle.
Set Pixel Aspect Ratio / setPixelAspectRatio Boolean Off Set the pixel aspect ratio of the output clip, without modifying the raw content.
Output Pixel Aspect Ratio / outputPixelAspectRatio Double 1 Pixel aspect ratio of the output clip.
Set Frame Rate / setFrameRate Boolean Off Set the frame rate state of the output clip, without modifying the raw content.
Output Frame Rate / outputFrameRate Double 24 Frame rate of the output clip.
Clip Info… / clipInfo Button   Display information about the inputs