Inherited by: Effect, App, GuiApp


Base class for Effect and App. See detailed description below.


Detailed Description

This is an abstract class, it is derived by 2 different classes:

  • App which represents an instance of Natron, or more specifically the current project.

  • Effect which represents a node in the node graph.

The getNode(fullyQualifiedName) can be used to retrieve a node in the project, although all nodes already have an auto-declared variable by Natron.

Member functions description

Return type


Returns a sequence with all nodes in the group. Note that this function is not recursive and you’d have to call getChildren() on all sub-groups to retrieve their children, etc…



Return type


Retrieves a node in the group with its fully qualified name. The fully qualified name of a node is the script-name of the node prefixed by all the group hierarchy into which it is, e.g.:

Blur1 # the node is a top level node

Group1.Group2.Blur1 # the node is inside Group2 which is inside Group1

Basically you should never call this function because Natron already pre-declares a variable for each node upon its creation. If you were to create a new node named “Blur1” , you could the access it in the Script Editor the following way: