Project setup

Natron will automatically adjust the project settings when importing media using a Read Node or by drag’n’dropping content into the Node Graph.

  • To access the Project Settings, go to “Display > Show Project Settings” or press “S” on the keyboard.


Output Format

While clicking on Output Format, a dropdown appears with various standard formats to choose from. If the desired format is not in the menu:

  1. Select New Format.

  2. Copy a format from any viewer by selecting the viewer and choose Copy From or define a custom width and height in the w and h fields.

  3. Enter a new for your new format.

  4. Click OK to save the new format, it now appears in the Output Format dropdown menu.

Frame Range and Frame Rate

  • Define the lenght of the project with Frame Range first and last frames value.

  • Enter the desired FPS in the Frame Rate field.

GPU Rendering

User can select when to activate GPU rendering for plug-ins. Note that if the OpenGL Rendering parameter in the Preferences/GPU Rendering is set to disabled then GPU rendering will not be activated regardless of that value. Enabled: Enable GPU rendering if required resources are available and the plugin supports it. Disabled: Disable GPU rendering for all plug-ins. Disabled if background: Disable GPU rendering when rendering with NatronRenderer but not in GUI mode.