DirBlur node


This documentation is for version 1.0 of DirBlur (net.sf.openfx.DirBlur).


Apply directional blur to an image.

This plugin concatenates transforms upstream.


Input Description Optional
Source   No
Mask   Yes


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Translate / translate Double x: 0 y: 0 Translation along the x and y axes in pixels. Can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging the center handle in the Viewer.
Rotate / rotate Double 0 Rotation angle in degrees around the Center. Can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging the rotation bar in the Viewer.
Scale / scale Double x: 1 y: 1 Scale factor along the x and y axes. Can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging the outer circle or the diameter handles in the Viewer.
Uniform / uniform Boolean Off Use the X scale for both directions
Skew X / skewX Double 0 Skew along the x axis. Can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging the skew bar in the Viewer.
Skew Y / skewY Double 0 Skew along the y axis.
Skew Order / skewOrder Choice XY
The order in which skew transforms are applied: X then Y, or Y then X.
Amount / transformAmount Double 1 Amount of transform to apply. 0 means the transform is identity, 1 means to apply the full transform.
Center / center Double x: 0.5 y: 0.5 Center of rotation and scale.
Reset Center / resetCenter Button   Reset the position of the center to the center of the input region of definition
Interactive Update / interactive Boolean On If checked, update the parameter values during interaction with the image viewer, else update the values when pen is released.
Invert / invert Boolean Off Invert the transform.
Filter / filter Choice Cubic
Filtering algorithm - some filters may produce values outside of the initial range (*) or modify the values even if there is no movement (+).
Impulse (impulse): (nearest neighbor / box) Use original values.
Box (box): Integrate the source image over the bounding box of the back-transformed pixel.
Bilinear (bilinear): (tent / triangle) Bilinear interpolation between original values.
Cubic (cubic): (cubic spline) Some smoothing.
Keys (keys): (Catmull-Rom / Hermite spline) Some smoothing, plus minor sharpening (*).
Simon (simon): Some smoothing, plus medium sharpening (*).
Rifman (rifman): Some smoothing, plus significant sharpening (*).
Mitchell (mitchell): Some smoothing, plus blurring to hide pixelation (*)(+).
Parzen (parzen): (cubic B-spline) Greatest smoothing of all filters (+).
Notch (notch): Flat smoothing (which tends to hide moire’ patterns) (+).
Clamp / clamp Boolean Off Clamp filter output within the original range - useful to avoid negative values in mattes
Black outside / black_outside Boolean Off Fill the area outside the source image with black
Motion Blur / motionBlur Double 1 Quality of motion blur rendering. 0 disables motion blur, 1 is a good value. Increasing this slows down rendering.
Amount / amount Double 1 Amount of blur transform to apply. A value of 1 means to apply the full transform range. A value of 0 means to apply no blur at all. Default is 1.
Centered / centered Boolean Off When checked, apply directional blur symmetrically around the neutral position.
Fading / fading Double 0 Controls the fading function. A value of 1 corresponds to linear fading. A value of 0 disables fading. Default is 0.
Invert Mask / maskInvert Boolean Off When checked, the effect is fully applied where the mask is 0.
Mix / mix Double 1 Mix factor between the original and the transformed image.