Log2Lin node

This documentation is for version 1.0 of Log2Lin (net.sf.openfx.Log2Lin).


Convert between the logarithmic encoding used in Cineon files and linear encoding.

This plugin may be used to customize the conversion between the linear and the logarithmic space, using different parameters than the Kodak-recommended settings.


Input Description Optional
Source   No
Mask   Yes


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Operation / operation Choice Log to Lin
The operation to perform.
Log to Lin (log2lin): Convert the input from logarithmic to linear colorspace (usually after a Read node).
Lin to Log (lin2log): Convert the input from linear to logarithmic colorspace (usually before a Write node).
Black / black Color r: 95 g: 95 b: 95 Value in the Cineon file that corresponds to black.
White / white Color r: 685 g: 685 b: 685 Value in the Cineon file that corresponds to white.
Gamma / gamma Color r: 0.6 g: 0.6 b: 0.6 The film response gamma value.
(Un)premult / premult Boolean Off Divide the image by the alpha channel before processing, and re-multiply it afterwards. Use if the input images are premultiplied.
Invert Mask / maskInvert Boolean Off When checked, the effect is fully applied where the mask is 0.
Mix / mix Double 1 Mix factor between the original and the transformed image.