G’MIC Resynthetize Texture FFT node

This documentation is for version 1.0 of G’MIC Resynthetize Texture FFT (eu.gmic.ResynthetizeTextureFFT).


Note: This filter tries to re-synthetize a micro-texture (given as the input image) onto an output (seamless) image with an arbitrary size. It uses a phase randomization technique, as described in:

Micro-Texture Synthesis by Phase Randomization: http://www.ipol.im/pub/art/2011/ggm_rpn/

This filter is based on the work of Bruno Galerne, Yann Gousseau and Jean-Michel Morel.

Click here for a detailed description of this filter.: http://gimpchat.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=10141

Authors: David Tschumperle and Jerome Boulanger. Latest Update: 2014/09/04.

Wrapper for the G’MIC framework (http://gmic.eu) written by Tobias Fleischer (http://www.reduxfx.com) and Frederic Devernay.


Input Description Optional
Source   No


Parameter / script name Type Default Function
Width / Width Integer 1024  
Height / Height Integer 1024  
Equalize Light / Equalize_Light Double 0  
Preview Type / Preview_Type Choice Full

Forward Horizontal
Forward Vertical
Backward Horizontal
Backward Vertical
Duplicate Top
Duplicate Left
Duplicate Bottom
Duplicate Right
Duplicate Horizontal
Duplicate Vertical
Checkered Inverse
Preview Split / Preview_Split Double x: 0.5 y: 0.5  
Output Layer / Output_Layer Choice Layer 0

Layer 0
Layer -1
Layer -2
Layer -3
Layer -4
Layer -5
Layer -6
Layer -7
Layer -8
Layer -9
Resize Mode / Resize_Mode Choice Dynamic

Fixed (Inplace)
Downsample 1/2
Downsample 1/4
Downsample 1/8
Downsample 1/16
Ignore Alpha / Ignore_Alpha Boolean Off  
Preview/Draft Mode / PreviewDraft_Mode Boolean Off  
Global Random Seed / Global_Random_Seed Integer 0  
Animate Random Seed / Animate_Random_Seed Boolean Off  
Log Verbosity / Log_Verbosity Choice Off

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3